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Candle & Gordy in 1990.


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Future Goals

We plan use a portion of our profits to promote and support agriculture in New England, especially encouraging youth involvement and supporting great organizations like 4-H and FFA. It is also our hope to one day build a tourism facility to accurately show both the history of dairy farming and modern farming. By educating the public about the dairy industry, we are ensuring that people stay connected to agriculture and where their food comes from. We also want to build a business where we can all work together as a family and to nurture the hopes and dreams of everyone involved. We want to prove that we can do what we love successfully and profitably.

Most importantly, we never want to lose sight of the fact that this company was started for three reasons:

  • our love for animals,
  • devotion to quality, and for members of both families to work together, side by side.
  • And our original five shorthorns that started it all. Only Candle remains, but she serves as a constant reminder to us of why we are doing this.