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Farm Description

The idea was simple: to raise some heifer calves as 4-H projects, then sell them when they had their first calf. After spending the first day with our new animals, we couldn't imagine ever living without them. We certainly couldn't imagine ever selling them. Before we knew it, five became 50 and then 100 and so on, but we still love it as much as when we first started.

The Dairy Farm
Today, ten years later, we milk 80 cows and have over 160 cows on the property, half Milking Shorthorns and half Jerseys. The farm itself lies on 35 acres in Hinsdale, NH (the southwest corner of the state). Because of our limited land base, we purchase 100% of our feeds. We pride ourselves on doing things differently on our farm as evidenced by the production of our unique puddings and our focus on cow care.